Here is a list of materials that I can currently cut and engrave that I have a current supply of.

  • 3mm thick Acrylic (multiple colours)
    • Solid black
    • fluorescent blue (middle centre), acid green (middle right), yellow (top right), orange (top centre) and pink (middle left)
    • translucent green(bottom left), red (bottom centre), dark blue (top right), “glass” (bottom right), clear
    • IMG_5568
  • 3mm thick MDF
  • thin red acrylic (0.8mm thick)
  • Stencil plastic
  • Card Stock
  • Paua shell laminates – Galaxy style, Natural, blue tint and yellow tint.

Please note that thicknesses are approximate and I cannot control the exact thickness of each material.  Also, at this stage, I am unable to cut thicker materials.

For other materials that I can potentially cut, you can refer to this website:

Safe and unsafe Laser Cutter Materials

I am happy for you to provide the material required if I do not stock it so long as it is safe to cut.