Ancient Worldship STL files


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Download the STL files for the Ancient Worldship terrain sets.  Choose between the Bases set, Void Portal set, Energy Barrier set, the Wall set or a bulk pack containing all the files!

Each set you purchase entitles you to print items for personal use only.  You are allowed to resize the files as desired, but not allowed to modify them in any other way.

You will be allowed to download the files up to five times to allow for file loss due to whatever reason, after which you will need to pay for a new set.  There is no expiry to this download limit.

Each compressed file includes an excel spreadsheet with the size in mm’s for the pieces as well as the STL files for each set.

Approximate download size per set:

Bases ~68 MB (note that the 25mm bases are intended to be resized for 32mm sized based, so please ensure you scale up the file before printing if you want 32mm sized bases)

Barriers ~ 32 MB

Void Portal ~ 22 MB

Walls ~ 100 MB (currently the X-intersection file always seems to import as 3mm tall rather than 3 inches tall (or 7.62 cm tall). I’m working to fix this, but please be aware of this until that issue is resolved and scale it before printing).

Combined set (i.e. everything) ~ 220 MB


If you wish to print these and sell them, please contact me via to discuss an arrangement.

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Base set, Void Portal set, Wall set, Energy Barrier set, All files